Social Media Cover Design

Regular price $300.00
Cover images are the most visible part of your social page. The most followed social accounts change their covers monthly. Often with holidays, seasons, promotions, and events. Our designers will improve your social account by crafting a social media cover for you to display.


What happens if a social site updates their interface and the images aren’t formatted properly?

Unfortunately, this can happen and custom images may be impacted by the updated layout. While we strive to do all we can for our customers, changes to the new layout are not covered under these circumstances.

What happens if I complete the project before all the edits are finalized?

Our platform considers completed projects being just that, complete. Make sure you have all of your edits and/or feedback updated before completing the project.

What if I don't have a branding or style guide?

Looks like you have some work to do! For the best outcome we highly recommend having some kind of style guide. However, we are happy to take on your project but we at least need to know what font(s), colors and type imagery we can use in our designs.

Are your designs unique and/or original?

You bet. You get a design that is 100% original for your business to use any way you like.

How will my files be delivered?

All files are uploaded through the messenger portal when you create an account and log in to your dashboard. If for some reason there is an issue receiving files through your dashboard, we will send the files to your email address.

Who’s designing my social media cover image?

Some of the best designers in the US. Our handpicked designers first need to deliver for Stryde. If they meet our criteria then we open them up to you for your design needs.