Infographic Creation

Regular price $800.00
The best blogs all use Infographics to drive likes, shares, and sales. Problem is, they are expensive. We’ve been doing infographics for over 5 years and have worked with some of the biggest names worldwide, delivering high-quality infographics for a crazy low price. You give us the research and/or content and we'll get it designed!


Are your designs unique and/or original?

You bet. You get a design that is 100% original for your business to use any way you like.

What happens if I complete the project before all the edits are finalized?

Our platform considers completed projects being just that, complete. Make sure you have all of your edits and/or feedback updated before completing the project.

Who’s designing my infographic?

Some of the best designers in the US. Our handpicked designers first need to deliver for Stryde. If they meet our criteria then we open them up to you for your design needs.

How will my files be delivered?

All files are uploaded through the messenger portal when you create an account and log in to your dashboard. If for some reason there is an issue receiving files through your dashboard, we will send the files to your email address.

Will your designers use my design in their portfolio?

Only if you allow them to. They might ask from time to time but you are in no way obligated to say yes. It's your call.