Facebook Pixel Setup

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Adding a Facebook Pixel to your site delivers in-depth insights into your customer base. This information helps you more refined ads, build audiences that mimic your customer base, and more effectively target customers through your social media ads.


What does the pixel do?

When the pixel's code is installed on a website it automatically counts the number of times visitors view pages on the website. The information that your pixel generates is available to view within your Facebook Ads account.

What can I do with the pixel?

You can use the pixel to create audiences in Facebook to advertise to. Audiences can be made up of the actual people that visited your site, or you can create larger lookalike audiences of people that share many similarities to your website visitors. And while you can't see the identities of the people in your audiences, you can use Facebook's Analytics tool to discover their most common traits, online behaviors, and interests.

I haven't created a pixel yet, is that alright?

All you need to have is a Facebook Ads account. We can take care of the rest.