Email Collection

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Need help capturing email addresses of site visitors? Our dynamic email collection service grows your email list so you can market to potential customers interested in your products, inform them about new products and share promotions and discounts to push them to make a purchase.


How are the email adresses collected?

Site visitors are presented with the opportunity to submit an email address in exchange for some type of valuable content: an eBook, an infographic download, an educational email series, etc.

Where will the email addresses be stored?

The email opt-in can be synced to most email marketing service providers. The addresses and other contact information collected are stored as email lists within the email marketing service provider.

What information is collected by the email opt-in?

At the very least, an email address. We also recommend collecting a first and last name in order to personalize email messages to the recipients. People submitting their email addresses can also be presented with the option to select which groups within an email list they would like to belong to.

Is this method compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act?

Yes. We wouldn't do this if it wasn't. The CAN-SPAM Act deals with the content of the emails that are actually sent out. Everyone that subscribes to your email list this way knowingly chooses to supply their contact information.

Is this a single opt-in or double opt-in process?

The email submission process can be set up as either a single opt-in or double opt-in. We recommend double opt-in because subscribers generally view it as more trustworthy, and the people that make it through both opt-ins are much more likely to be interested in what your emails have to offer. It's a win-win.